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一句话说明: Startup file for user-defined options


Startup file for user-defined options




startup executes commands of your choosing when the MATLAB® program starts.

Create a startup.m file in your MATLAB Startup Folder and put in the file any commands you want executed at MATLAB startup. For example, your startup.m file might include physical constants, defaults for Handle Graphics® properties, engineering conversion factors, or anything else you want predefined in your workspace.

More About

Startup Folder

The current folder in the MATLAB application when it starts. See MATLAB Startup Folder.


The MATLAB program executes the matlabrc.m file when it starts. matlabrc.m invokes startup.m, if it exists on the MATLAB search path.

You can extend this process to create additional startup files, if needed.

MathWorks does not recommend modifying the matlabrc.m file, except perhaps by system administrators in network configurations.

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