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一句话说明: Structure array to MATLAB object array

mxSetClassName (C)

Structure array to MATLAB object array

C Syntax

#include "matrix.h"
int mxSetClassName(mxArray *array_ptr, const char *classname);



Pointer to an mxArray of class mxSTRUCT_CLASS


Object class to which to convert array_ptr


0 if successful, and nonzero otherwise. One cause of failure is that array_ptr is not a structure mxArray. Call mxIsStruct to determine whether array_ptr is a structure.


mxSetClassName converts a structure array to an object array, to be saved subsequently to a MAT-file. The object is not registered or validated by MATLAB® software until it is loaded via the LOAD command. If the specified classname is an undefined class within MATLAB, LOAD converts the object back to a simple structure array.

See Also

mxIsClass, mxGetClassID


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