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一句话说明: Class of array as string

mxGetClassName (C and Fortran)

Class of array as string

C Syntax

#include "matrix.h"
const char *mxGetClassName(const mxArray *pm);

Fortran Syntax

character*(*) mxGetClassName(pm)
mwPointer pm



Pointer to an mxArray


Class (as a string) of the mxArray pointed to by pm.


Call mxGetClassName to determine the class of an mxArray. The class of an mxArray identifies the kind of data the mxArray is holding. For example, if pm points to a logical mxArray, mxGetClassName returns logical.

mxGetClassID is like mxGetClassName, except that the former returns the class as an integer identifier, as listed in the mxClassID reference page, and the latter returns the class as a string, as listed in the mxIsClass reference page.


See the following examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mex.

See the following examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mx.

See Also

mxGetClassID, mxIsClass


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