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一句话说明: Serialize control object to file

save (COM)

Serialize control object to file

save(h, 'filename')

Description'filename') saves the COM control object, h, to the file specified in the string, filename.

save(h, 'filename') is an alternate syntax for the same operation.

    Note   The COM save function is only supported for controls at this time.


Create an mwsamp control and save its original state to the file mwsample:

f = figure('position', [100 200 200 200]);
h = actxcontrol('mwsamp.mwsampctrl.2', [0 0 200 200], f);'mwsample')

Now, alter the figure by changing its label and the radius of the circle:

h.Label = 'Circle';
h.Radius = 50;

Using the load function, you can restore the control to its original state:


MATLAB® displays the original values:

ans = 
     Label: 'Label'
    Radius: 20

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COM functions are available on Microsoft® Windows® systems only.

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