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1.5.3 查询MATLAB所有的演示主题

1.5.3  查询MATLAB所有的演示主题



》help demos


Examples and demonstrations.

Type 'demo' at the command line to browse more demos of

MATLAB, the Toolboxes, and SIMULINK.


demo    - Browse demos for MATLAB, Toolboxes, and SIMULINK


intro  - Introduction to basic matrix operations in MATLAB.

inverter  - Demonstrate the inversion of a matrix.

buckydem- Connectivity graph of the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.

    sparsity    - Demonstrate effect of sparsity orderings.

    matmanip    - Introduction to matrix manipulation.

    eigmovie    - Symmetric eigenvalue movie.

    rrefmovie   - Computation of Reduced Row Echelon Form.

    delsqdemo   - Finite difference Laplacian on various domains.

    sepdemo     - Separators for a finite element mesh.

    airfoil     - Display sparse matrix from NASA airfoil.

    eigshow     - Graphical demonstration of matrix eigenvalues.

    svdshow   - Graphical demonstration of matrix singular values.


    funfuns  - Demonstrate functions that operate on other functions.

    fitdemo     - Nonlinear curve fit with simplex algorithm.

    sunspots    - FFT: the answer is 11.08, what is the question?

    e2pi   - 2D visual solutions: Which is greater, e^pi or pi^e?

    bench       - MATLAB Benchmark.

    fftdemo     - Use of the fast finite Fourier transform.

    census      - Try to predict the US population in the year 2000.

    spline2d    - Demonstrate GINPUT and SPLINE in two dimensions.

    lotkademo   - An example of ordinary differential equation solution.

    quaddemo    - Adaptive quadrature.

    zerodemo    - Zerofinding with fzero.

    fplotdemo   - Plot a function.

    quake       - Loma Prieta Earthquake.


    graf2d      - 2D Plots: Demonstrate XY plots in MATLAB.

    graf2d2     - 3D Plots: Demonstrate XYZ plots in MATLAB.

    grafcplx    - Demonstrate complex function plots in MATLAB.

    lorenz      - Plot the orbit around the Lorenz chaotic attractor.

    imageext    - Image colormaps: changing and rotating colormaps.

    xpklein     - Klein bottle demo.

    vibes       - Vibration movie: Vibrating L-shaped membrane.

    xpsound     - Visualizing sound: Demonstrate MATLAB's sound capability.

    imagedemo   - Demonstrate MATLAB's image capability.

    penny       - Several views of the penny data.

    earthmap    - View Earth's topography.

    xfourier    - Graphic demo of Fourier series expansion.

    colormenu   - Select color map.

    cplxdemo    - Maps of functions of a complex variable.


    xplang      - Introduction to the MATLAB language.

    hndlgraf    - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for line plots.

    graf3d      - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for surface plots.

    hndlaxis    - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for axes.


    odedemo     - Demo for the ODE suite integrators.

    a2ode - Stiff problem, linear with real eigenvalues (A2 of EHL).

    a3ode - Stiff problem, linear with real eigenvalues (A3 of EHL).

    b5ode - Stiff problem, linear with complex eigenvalues (B5 of EHL).

    ballode     - Equations of motion for a bouncing ball used by BALLDEMO.

    besslode    - Bessel's equation of order 0 used by BESSLDEMO.

    brussode    - Stiff problem modelling a chemical reaction (Brusselator).

    buiode      - Stiff problem with analytical solution due to Bui.

    chm6ode     - Stiff problem CHM6 from Enright and Hull.

    chm7ode     - Stiff problem CHM7 from Enright and Hull.

    chm9ode     - Stiff problem CHM9 from Enright and Hull.

    d1ode       - Stiff problem, nonlinear with real eigenvalues (D1 of EHL).

    fem1ode     - Stiff problem with a time-dependent mass matrix.

    fem2ode     - Stiff problem with a time-independent mass matrix.

    gearode     - Stiff problem due to Gear as quoted by van der Houwen.

    hb1ode      - Stiff problem 1 of Hindmarsh and Byrne.

    hb2ode      - Stiff problem 2 of Hindmarsh and Byrne.

    hb3ode      - Stiff problem 3 of Hindmarsh and Byrne.

    orbitode    - Restricted 3 body problem used by ORBITDEMO.

    orbt2ode    - Non-stiff problem D5 of Hull et al.

    rigidode    - Euler equations of a rigid body without external forces.

    sticode     - A spring-driven mass stuck to surface, used by STICDEMO.

    vdpode      - Parameterizable van der Pol equation (stiff for large mu).


    knot        - Tube surrounding a three-dimensional knot.

    quivdemo    - Demonstrate the quiver function.

    klein1      - Construct a Klein bottle.

    cruller     - Construct cruller.

    tori4       - Hoops: Construct four linked tori.

    spharm2     - Construct spherical surface harmonic.

    modes       - Plot 12 modes of the L-shaped membrane.

    logo        - Display the MATLAB L-shaped membrane logo.


    fifteen     - Sliding puzzle.

    xpbombs     - Minesweeper game.

    life        - Conway's Game of Life.

    soma        - Soma cube.


    truss       - Animation of a bending bridge truss.

   wrldtrv     - Great circle flight routes around the globe.

    logospin    - Movie of The MathWorks' logo spinning.

    crulspin    - Spinning cruller movie.

    quatdemo    - Quaternion rotation.

  General Demo/Helper functions.

    cmdlnwin    - An Demo gateway routine for playing command line demos.

    cmdlnbgn    - Set up for command line demos.

    cmdlnend    - clean up after command line demos.

    finddemo    - Finds demos available for individual toolboxes.

    helpfun     - Utility function for displaying help text conveniently.

    pltmat      - Display a matrix in a figure window.

   MATLAB/Helper functions.

    bucky       - The graph of the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.

    peaks       - A sample function of two variables.

    membrane    - Generate MathWorks' logo.

  See also SIMDEMOS

demos is both a directory and a function.

DEMOS   Demo list for Real-Time Windows Target

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