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1.5.1 查询某一命令或函数

1.5.1  查询某一命令或函数


        help 函数(命令)名


》help  feval


FEVAL Execute function specified by string.

If F is a string containing the name of a function (usually

defined by an M-file), then  FEVAL(F,x1,...,xn)  evaluates

that function at the given arguments. 

For example, F = 'foo', FEVAL(F,9.64) is the same as foo(9.64).

FEVAL is usually used inside functions which have the names of

other functions as arguments.  Examples include FZERO and EZPLOT.

 [y1,..,yn] = FEVAL(F,x1,...,xn) returns multiple output arguments.

Within methods that overload built-in functions, use

BUILTIN(FUN,...) to execute the original built-in function.

See also BUILTIN.

Overloaded methods

help inline/feval.m

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