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set the year, month, and day fields of a Date (universal time)


date.setUTCFullYear(year) date.setSeconds(seconds, millis) date.setUTCFullYear(year, month, day)


year The year, expressed in universal time, to be set in date. This argument should be an integer that includes the century, such as 1999, not an abbreviation, such as 99.

month An optional integer between 0 and 11 that is used as the new value (in universal time) of the month field of date. Note that months are numbered beginning with 0, while days within the month are numbered beginning with 1.

day An optional integer between 1 and 31 that is used as the new value (in universal time) of the day-of-the-month field of date.


The internal millisecond representation of the adjusted date.

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