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16.6.1 Enabling and Disabling Stylesheets

16.6.1 Enabling and Disabling Stylesheets

The simplest stylesheet scripting technique is also the most portable and robust.elements,elements, and CSSStyleSheet objects all define a disabled property that you can query and set in JavaScript. As its name implies, if the disabled property is true, then the stylesheet is disabled and is ignored by the browser.

The disableStylesheet() function below demonstrates this. If passed a number, it treats it as an index into the document.styleSheets array. If passed a string, it treats it as a CSS selector and passes it to document.querySelectorAll() (see §15.2.5 ), then sets the disabled property of all returned elements:

function disableStylesheet(ss) {

if (typeof ss === "number")

document.styleSheets[ss].disabled = true;

else {

var sheets = document.querySelectorAll(ss);

for(var i = 0; i < sheets.length; i++)

sheets[i].disabled = true; }

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