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15.9.5 Toggle Buttons

Part IV does not include a Button entry. See Input for details on all form element push buttons, including those created with theelement.

15.9.5 Toggle Buttons

The checkbox and radio elements are toggle buttons, or buttons that have two visually distinct states: they can be checked or unchecked. The user can change the state of a toggle button by clicking on it. Radio elements are designed to be used in groups of related elements, all of which have the same value for the HTML name attribute. Radio elements created in this way are mutually exclusive: when you check one, the one that was previously checked becomes unchecked. Checkboxes are also often used in groups that share a name attribute, and when you select these elements using the name as a form property you must remember that you get an array-like object rather than a single element.

Radio and checkbox elements both define a checked property. This read/write boolean value specifies whether the element is currently checked. The defaultChecked property is a boolean that has the value of the HTML checked attribute; it specifies whether the element is checked when the page is first loaded.

Radio and checkbox elements do not display any text themselves and are typically displayed with adjacent HTML text (or with an associatedelement.) This means that setting the value property of a checkbox or radio element does not alter the visual appearance of the element. You can set value, but this changes only the string that is sent to the web server when the form is submitted.

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