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13.2.4 Event Handlers in HTML

13.2.4 Event Handlers in HTML

JavaScript code in a script is executed once: when the HTML file that contains it is loaded into the web browser. In order to be interactive, a JavaScript program must define event handlers—JavaScript functions that are registered with the web browser and then invoked by the web browser in response to events (such as user input). As shown at the start of this chapter, JavaScript code can register an event handler by assigning a function to a property (such as onclickor onmouseover) of an Element object that represents an HTML element in the document. (There are also other ways to register event handlers—see Chapter 17 .)

Event handler properties like onclick mirror HTML attributes with the same names, and it is also possible to define event handlers by placing JavaScript code in HTML attributes. For example, to define an event handler that is invoked when the user toggles a checkbox in a form, you can specify the handler code as an attribute of the HTML element that defines the checkbox:

What’s of interest here is the onchange attribute. The JavaScript code that is the value of this attribute will be executed whenever the user checks or unchecks the checkbox.

Event handler attributes defined in HTML may include any number of JavaScript statements, separated from each other by semicolons. These statements become the body of a function, and that function becomes the value of the corresponding event handler property. (The details of the conversion of HTML attribute text to a JavaScript function are covered in §17.2.2 .) Typically, however, an HTML event handler attribute consists of a simple assignment as above or a simple invocation of a function defined elsewhere. This keeps most of your actual JavaScript code within scripts and reduces the need to mingle JavaScript and HTML. In fact, the use of HTML event handler attributes is considered poor style by many web developers who prefer to keep content and behavior separate.

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