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8.3.4 Argument Types

} // Here is how you might invoke easycopy(): var a = [1,2,3,4], b = []; easycopy({from: a, to: b, length: 4});

8.3.4 Argument Types

JavaScript method parameters have no declared types, and no type checking is performed on the values you pass to a function. You can help to make your code self-documenting by choosing descriptive names for function arguments and also by including argument types in comments, as in the arraycopy() method just shown. For arguments that are optional, you can include the word “optional” in the comment. And when a method can accept any number of arguments, you can use an ellipsis:

function max(/* number... */) { /* code here */ }

As described in §3.8 , JavaScript performs liberal type conversion as needed. So if you write a function that expects a string argument and then call that function with a value of some other type, the value you passed will simply be converted to a string when the function tries to use it as a string. All primitive types can be converted to strings, and all objects have toString() methods (if not necessarily useful ones), so an error never occurs in this case.

This is not always true, however. Consider again the arraycopy()method shown earlier. It expects an array as its first argument. Any plausible implementation will fail if that first argument is anything but an array (or possibly an array-like object). Unless you are writing a “throwaway” function that will be called only once or twice, it may be worth adding code to check the types of arguments like this. It is better for a function to fail immediately and predictably when passed bad values than to begin executing and fail later with an error message that is likely to be unclear. Here is an example function that performs type-checking. Note that it uses the isArrayLike() function from §7.11 :

// Return the sum of the elements of array (or array-like object) a.

// The elements of a must all be numbers or null and undefined are ignored.

function sum(a) {

if (isArrayLike(a)) {

var total = 0;

for(var i = 0; i < a.length; i++) { // Loop though all elements

var element = a[i];

if (element == null) continue; // Skip null and undefined

if (isFinite(element)) total += element;

else throw new Error("sum(): elements must be finite numbers");


return total;


else throw new Error("sum(): argument must be array-like");


This sum() method is fairly strict about the argument it accepts and throws suitably informative errors if it is passed bad values. It does offer a bit of flexibility, however, by working with array-like objects as well as true arrays and by ignoring null and undefined array elements.

JavaScript is a very flexible and loosely typed language, and sometimes it is appropriate to write functions that are flexible about the number and type of arguments they are passed. The following flexisum() method takes this approach (probably to an extreme). For example, it accepts any number of arguments but recursively processes any arguments that are arrays. In this way, it can be used as a varargs method or with an array argument. Furthermore, it tries its best to convert nonnumeric values to numbers before throwing an error:

function flexisum(a) {

var total = 0;

for(var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {

var element = arguments[i], n;

if (element == null) continue; // Ignore null and undefined arguments

8.3 Function Arguments and Parameters | 175

if (isArray(element)) // If the argument is an array n = flexisum.apply(this, element); // compute its sum recursively else if (typeof element === "function") // Else if it's a function... n = Number(element()); // invoke it and convert. else n = Number(element); // Else try to convert it

if (isNaN(n)) // If we couldn't convert to a number, throw an error throw Error("flexisum(): can't convert " + element + " to number");

total += n; // Otherwise, add n to the total } return total;


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