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7.8.1 join()

7.8.1 join()

The Array.join() method converts all the elements of an array to strings and concatenates them, returning the resulting string. You can specify an optional string that separates the elements in the resulting string. If no separator string is specified, a comma is used. For example, the following lines of code produce the string “1,2,3”:

var a = [1, 2, 3]; // Create a new array with these three elements a.join(); // => "1,2,3" a.join(" "); // => "1 2 3" a.join(""); // => "123" var b = new Array(10); // An array of length 10 with no elements b.join('-') // => '---------': a string of 9 hyphens

The Array.join() method is the inverse of the String.split() method, which creates an array by breaking a string into pieces.

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