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4.10.3 Logical NOT (!)


4.10.3 Logical NOT (!)

The ! operator is a unary operator; it is placed before a single operand. Its purpose is to invert the boolean value of its operand. For example, if x is truthy !x evaluates to false. If x is falsy, then !x is true.

Unlike the && and || operators, the ! operator converts its operand to a boolean value (using the rules described in Chapter 3 ) before inverting the converted value. This means that ! always returns true or false, and that you can convert any value x to its equivalent boolean value by applying this operator twice: !!x (see §3.8.2 ).

As a unary operator, ! has high precedence and binds tightly. If you want to invert the value of an expression like p && q, you need to use parentheses: !(p && q). It is worth noting two theorems of Boolean algebra here that we can express using JavaScript syntax:

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