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2.1.3 Unicode Escape Sequences

Some computer hardware and software can not display or input the full set of Unicode
characters. To support programmers using this older technology, JavaScript defines
special sequences of six ASCII characters to represent any 16-bit Unicode codepoint.
These Unicode escapes begin with the characters \u and are followed by exactly four
hexadecimal digits (using uppercase or lowercase letters A–F). Unicode escapes may
appear in JavaScript string literals, regular expression literals, and in identifiers (but
not in language keywords). The Unicode escape for the character é, for example, is
\u00E9, and the following two JavaScript strings are identical:
"café" === "caf\u00e9"   // => true
Unicode escapes may also appear in comments, but since comments are ignored, they
are treated as ASCII characters in that context and not interpreted as Unicode.
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