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2.4.1 Reserved Words

JavaScript reserves a number of identifiers as the keywords of the language itself. You
cannot use these words as identifiers in your programs:
break          delete         function       return         typeof
case           do             if             switch         var
catch          else           in             this           void
continue       false          instanceof     throw          while
debugger       finally        new            true           with
default        for            null           try
JavaScript also reserves certain keywords that are not currently used by the language
but which might be used in future versions. ECMAScript 5 reserves the following
class     const     enum      export    extends   import    super
In addition, the following words, which are legal in ordinary JavaScript code, are re-
served in strict mode:
implements     let            private        public         yield
interface      package        protected      static
Strict mode also imposes restrictions on the use of the following identifiers. They are
not fully reserved, but they are not allowed as variable, function, or parameter names:
arguments      eval
ECMAScript 3 reserved all the keywords of the Java language, and although this has
been relaxed in ECMAScript 5, you should still avoid all of these identifiers if you plan
to run your code under an ECMAScript 3 implementation of JavaScript:
abstract       double         goto           native         static
boolean        enum           implements     package        super
byte           export         import         private        synchronized
char           extends        int            protected      throws
class          final          interface      public         transient

const          float          long           short          volatile

JavaScript predefines a number of global variables and functions, and you should avoid
using their names for your own variables and functions:
arguments           encodeURI           Infinity  Number          RegExp
Array               encodeURIComponent  isFinite  Object          String
Boolean             Error               isNaN     parseFloat      SyntaxError
Date                eval                JSON      parseInt        TypeError
decodeURI           EvalError           Math      RangeError      undefined
decodeURIComponent  Function            NaN       ReferenceError  URIError
Keep in mind that JavaScript implementations may define other global variables and
functions, and each specific JavaScript embedding (client-side, server-side, etc.) will
have its own list of global properties. See the Window object in Part IV for a list of the
global variables and functions defined by client-side JavaScript.

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