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PART II Core JavaScript Reference


Core JavaScript Reference

This part of the book is a reference that documents the classes, methods, and properties defined by the core JavaScript language. This reference is arranged alphabetically by class or object name:

Arguments EvalError Number String Array Function Object SyntaxError Boolean Global RangeError TypeError Date JSON ReferenceError URIError Error Math RegExp

The reference pages for the methods and properties of classes are alphabetized by their full names, which include the names of the classes that define them. For example, if you want to read about the replace()method of the String class, you would look under String.replace(), not just replace.

Core JavaScript defines some global functions and properties, such as eval() and NaN. Technically, these are properties of the global object. Since the global object has no name, however, they are listed in this reference section under their own unqualified names. For convenience, the full set of global functions and properties in core JavaScript is summarized in a special reference page named “ Global ” (even though there is no object or class by that name).

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