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16.2 Important CSS Properties

16.2 Important CSS Properties

For client-side JavaScript programmers, the most important features of CSS are the properties that specify the visibility, size, and precise position of individual elements of a document. Other CSS properties allow you to specify stacking order, transparency, clipping region, margins, padding, borders, and colors. In order to script CSS, it is important to understand how these style properties work. They are summarized in Table 16-1 and documented in more detail in the sections that follow.

Table 16-1. Important CSS style properties

Property Description
position Specifies the type of positioning applied to an element
top, left Specify the position of the top and left edges of an element
bottom, right Specify the position of the bottom and right edges of an element
width, height Specify the size of an element
z-index Specifies the “stacking order” of an element relative to any overlapping elements; defines a
third dimension of element positioning
display Specifies how and whether an element is displayed
visibility Specifies whether an element is visible
clip Defines a “clipping region” for an element; only portions of the element within this region are
overflow Specifies what to do if an element is bigger than the space allotted for it
margin, border, padding Specify spacing and borders for an element.
background Specifies the background color or image of an element.
opacity Specifies how opaque (or translucent) an element is. This is a CSS3 property, supported by
some browsers. A working alternative exists for IE.

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