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15.3 Document Structure and Traversal

document.all[0] // The first element in the document document.all["navbar"] // Element (or elements) with id or name "navbar" document.all.navbar // Ditto document.all.tags("div") // All
elements in the document document.all.tags("p")[0] // The first

in the document

15.3 Document Structure and Traversal

Once you have selected an Element from a Document, you sometimes need to find structurally related portions (parent, siblings, children) of the document. A Document can be conceptualized as a tree of Node objects, as illustrated in Figure 15-1 . The Node type defines properties for traversing such a tree, which we’ll cover in §15.3.1 . Another API allows documents to be traversed as trees of Element objects. §15.3.2 covers this newer (and often easier-to-use) API.

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