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14.3 Browsing History = "?page=" + (pagenum+1); // load the next page

14.3 Browsing History

The historyproperty of the Window object refers to the History object for the window. The History object models the browsing history of a window as a list of documents and document states. The length property of the History object specifies the number of elements in the browsing history list, but for security reasons scripts are not allowed to access the stored URLs. (If they could, any scripts could snoop through your browsing history.)

The History object has back() and forward() methods that behave like the browser’s Back and Forward buttons do: they make the browser go backward or forward one step in its browsing history. A third method, go(), takes an integer argument and can skip any number of pages forward (for positive arguments) or backward (for negative arguments) in the history list:

history.go(-2); // Go back 2, like clicking the Back button twice

If a window contains child windows (such as

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