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13.6 Security

13.6 Security

The introduction of JavaScript interpreters into web browsers means that loading a web page can cause arbitrary JavaScript code to be executed on your computer. This has clear security implications, and browser vendors have worked hard to balance two competing goals:

As in many fields, JavaScript security has evolved through an interactive and ongoing process of exploits and patches. In the early days of the Web, browsers added features like the ability to open, move, and resize windows and to script the browser’s status line. When unethical advertisers and scammers started abusing these features, browser makers had to restrict or disable those APIs. Today, in the process of standardizing HTML5, browser vendors are carefully (and openly and collaboratively) lifting certain long-standing security restrictions and adding quite a bit of power to client-side Java-Script while (hopefully) not introducing any new security holes.

The subsections below introduce the JavaScript security restrictions and security issues that you, as a web developer, need to be aware of.

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