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13.2 Embedding JavaScript in HTML

13.2 Embedding JavaScript in HTML

Client-side JavaScript code is embedded within HTML documents in four ways:

The subsections that follow explain each of these four JavaScript embedding techniques. It is worth noting, however, that HTML event handler attributes and javascript: URLs are rarely used in modern JavaScript code (they were somewhat common in the early days of the Web). Inline scripts (those without a srcattribute) are also less common than they once were. A programming philosophy known as unobtrusive JavaScript argues that content (HTML) and behavior (JavaScript code) should as much as possible be kept separate. According to this programming philosophy, JavaScript is best embedded in HTML documents usingelements with src attributes.

1. Interactive web pages that communicate with server-side CGI scripts through HTML form submissions were the original “web application” and can be written without the use of JavaScript. This is not the kind of web application that we’ll be discussing in this book, however.

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