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4.3 Function Definition Expressions

4.3 Function Definition Expressions

A function definition expression defines a JavaScript function, and the value of such an expression is the newly defined function. In a sense, a function definition expression is a “function literal” in the same way that an object initializer is an “object literal.” A function definition expression typically consists of the keyword function followed by a comma-separated list of zero or more identifiers (the parameter names) in parentheses and a block of JavaScript code (the function body) in curly braces. For example:

// This function returns the square of the value passed to it. var square = function(x) { return x * x; }

4.3 Function Definition Expressions | 59

A function definition expression can also include a name for the function. Functions can also be defined using a function statement rather than a function expression. Complete details on function definition are in Chapter 8 .

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