JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Sixth Editio javaScript权威指南(第6版) pdf 文字版-文字版, javascript电子书, 和javascript 有关的电子书:

PART1 Core JavaScript

This part of the book, Chapters 2 though 12, documents the core JavaScript language
and is meant to be a JavaScript language reference. After you read through it once to
learn the language, you may find yourself referring back to it to refresh your memory
about some of the trickier points of JavaScript.
Chapter 2, Lexical Structure
Chapter 3, Types, Values, and Variables
Chapter 4, Expressions and Operators
Chapter 5, Statements
Chapter 6, Objects
Chapter 7, Arrays
Chapter 8, Functions
Chapter 9, Classes and Modules
Chapter 10, Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Chapter 11, JavaScript Subsets and Extensions
Chapter 12, Server-Side JavaScript
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